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Kinsley (CNN, Time, Slate) Klein (Newsweek, NB When Congressman James Moran (D-VA) told an audience that leaders of American Jewish groups were pushing America into a war with Iraq, he was denounced as an "anti-Semite" and pressured to resign.

When Syndicated columnist and former Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan accused Jewish neo-conservatives and the US-Israeli lobby of pushing America into a war against Israel's enemies, he was also widely denounced as an "anti-Semite."

But what are we to make of the many outspoken Jewish writers, Jewish intellectuals and Jewish activists who have been warning us about the exact same thing? Should we dismiss these jews as "anti-Semites" or "self-hating Jews"?

Following are some very revealing quotes from just a few of these Jewish writers and journalists.

Joe Klein, Time Magazine, Time.com, February 5, 2003

"A stronger Israel is very much embedded in the rationale for war with Iraq. It is a part of the argument that dare not speak its name, a fantasy quietly cherished by the neo-conservative faction in the Bush Administration and by many leaders of the American Jewish community.

The fantasy involves a domino theory. The destruction of Saddam's Iraq will not only remove an enemy of long-standing but will also change the basic power equation in the region. It will send a message to Syria and Iran about the perils of support for Islamic terrorists. It will send a message to the Palestinians too: Democratize and make peace on Israeli terms, or forget about a state of your own."

Michael Kinsley, Slate Magazine, October 24, 2002

Tariq Aziz has a theory. Saddam Hussein's deputy told the New York Times this week, "The reason for this warmongering policy toward Iraq is oil and Israel." Although no one wishes to agree with Tariq Aziz, he has put succinctly what many people in Washington apparently believe.

The lack of public discussion about the role of Israel in the thinking of "President Bush" is easier to understand, but weird nevertheless. It is the proverbial elephant in the room: Everybody sees it, no one mentions it. The reason is obvious and admirable: Neither supporters nor opponents of a war against Iraq wish to evoke the classic anti-Semitic image of the king's Jewish advisers whispering poison into his ear and betraying the country to foreign interests.

Ari Shavit, April 5, 2003,ハHaaretz News Service (Israel)

"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in the town (Washington): the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history."ハ

James Rosen, April 6, 2003, The Sacramento Bee, CA

"In 1996, as Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared to take office, eight Jewish neoconservative leaders sent him a six-page memo outlining an aggressive vision of government. At the top of their list was overthrowing Saddam and replacing him with a monarch under the control of Jordan.

The neoconservatives sketched out a kind of domino theory in which the governments of Syria and other Arab countries might later fall or be replaced in the wake of Saddam's ouster. They urged Netanyahu to spurn the Oslo peace accords and to stop making concessions to the Palestinians.

Lead writer of the memo was Perle. Other signatories were Feith, now undersecretary of defense, and Wurmser, a senior adviser to John Bolton, undersecretary of state.

Fred Donner, a professor of Near Eastern history at the University of Chicago, said he was struck by the similarities between the ideas in the memo and ideas now at the forefront of Bush's foreign policy."

Thomas Friedman, April 4, 2003, New York Times Columnist
I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.

It is not only the neo-conservatives who led us to the outskirts of Baghdad. What led us to the outskirts of Baghdad is a very American combination of anxiety and hubris."

Dr. Henry Makow Phd., February 10, 2003 Writer, Inventor of Board game "Scruples"
If the U.S. gets bogged down with heavy casualties on both sides, Americans are going to blame big oil and Zionism for getting them into this mess. Everybody knows that:

1. The only country that fears Iraq's WMD's is Israel;
2. American-Jewish neo-conservatives on the Defence Policy Board (Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz) planned this war in 1998 and made it Bush Administration policy;
3. The purpose of the war is to change the balance of power in the Middle East so Israel can settle the Palestinian issue on its own terms; and
4. Congress trembles in fear before the Israeli Lobby, "AIPAC."

At this perilous juncture in US history, there is no effective opposition because Zionist Jews appear to control both parties. The Jewish "Anti Defamation League" considers it a barometer of anti Semitism to say, "Jews have too much power." But is something anti- Semitic if it is true? Anti Semitism is racial prejudice. Zionist power is not a racial prejudice; it is a fact of life.
When a special interest group hijacks American foreign policy, it is a patriotic duty to say so.

In recent decades, Zionists have succeeded in making support for Zionism synonymous with "Jewish." They have made Israel appear to be a vulnerable country facing annihilation in a sea of bloodthirsty Arabs. In fact, Israel has
200-400 nuclear bombs and is one of the most powerful nations on earth. It has evaded many opportunities for a just peace because it's secret agenda is to dominate the region. Israel keeps this quiet because most Jews, including Israelis, did not sign on for that.

Israel Shamir, Israeli Author "The old adage has it that, when visiting a foreign country, to ascertain who really runs things, one need determine only who is spoken about in whispers, if at all." Judged by this measure, the Jews rule supreme. Indeed, when I referred to 'Jewish media lords' during a UNESCO conference in the summer of
2001, the audience's hearts missed a beat. The yet-unfought War on Iraq changed this. The American Ultimatum date was set on 17 March, the Jewish feast of Purim. Purim, 1991 saw destruction of Iraqi armies and death of 200,000 Iraqis.
Too many coincidences for a purely American war."

The powerful pro-Israel lobby in the United States, which advances Israeli interests by pushing for U.S. aid and protection to Israel, and, currently, by pressing for a war against Iraq, which again will serve Israeli interests.
This lobby has not only helped control media debate and made congress into `Israeli occupied territory・ it has seen to it that numerous officials with 租ual loyalties・occupy strategic decision-making positions in the Bush administration・

Jack Bernstein, Author, The Life of An American Jew in Racist Israel (following prediction was made in 1984!)

"The Zionists who rule Israel and the Zionists in America have been trying to trick the U.S. into a Mideast war on the side of Israel. They almost succeeded when U.S. Marines were sent to Lebanon in 1982. The blood of the
250 American Marines who died in Lebanon is dripping from the hands of the Israeli and American Zionists.

If more Americans are not made aware of the truth about Zionist Israel, you can be sure that, sooner or later, those atheists who claim to be God's Chosen People will trick the U.S. into a Mideast war against the Arabs who in the past have always been America's best friends.

Professor F. Littell has said "You can't discuss the truth of the holocaust.
That is a distortion of the concept of free speech. The United States should emulate West Germany, which outlaws such exercises."--Mind-boggling! Don't you think? +++++++ "Deep down, I believe that a little anti-Semitism is a good thing for the Jews - reminds us who we are." --Jay Lefkowitz (NYT Magazine. 12 F. 1995,
65) Jay Lefkowitz is now Deputy assistant to President Bush and Director of Domestic Policy Council. A sick man! Don't you think?

▲Congressman:Jews pushing war
Moran issues apology denying remarks anti-Semitic
Posted: March 11, 2003 10:30 p.m. Eastern
A Democratic congressman is under fire for remarks in which he suggested American Jews were behind the push to war with Iraq and Jewish leaders could prevent war if they wanted to.

Jewish organizations condemned as "reprehensible" and "anti-Semitic" the comments of Rep. James P. Moran Jr., D-Va., delivered to 120 people attending a forum at St. Anne's Episcopal Church on March 3.
Rumsfeld urged Clinton to attack Iraq
DONALD Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary and his deputy Paul Wolfowitz wrote to President Bill Clinton in 1998 urging war against Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein because he is a hazard to a significant portion of the world's supply of oil.

In the letter, Rumsfeld also calls for America to go to war alone, attacks the United Nations and says the US should not be cippled by a misguided insistence on unanimity in the UN Security Council.

Those who signed the letter, dated January 26, 1998, include Bush's current Pentagon adviser, Richard Perle; Richard Armitage, the number two at the State Department; John Bolton and Paula Dobriansky, under-secretaries of state; Elliott Abrams, the presidential adviser for the Middle East and a member of the National Security Council; and Peter W Rodman, assistant secretary of defence for international security affairs.




Was Pentagon really hit by Boeing 757? Then, why the damaged width and height of the building are much shallower than Boeing? It is understood that the airplane crashed into PENTAGON could be a remote-controlled fighter jet who shot the missile into the building just before itself is diving into.

Meanwhile actual American airline flight has over-flown Pentagon and have landed at Reagan airport 10 seconds away from Pentagon. 2 separate airplanes might have been involved in this attack. Bush Admin. is telling us a lie.

Eyewitness Accounts

Kelly Knowles
: two planes moving toward the Pentagon, one veering away as the other crashed

Terry Scanlon interviewee
: saw a plane following the jet that hit the Pentagon; two planes moving toward the Pentagon, one veering away as the other crashed.

Dick Eastman
Lagasse proof revisited. Let me draw you a picture.


Picture of PENTAGON Building just after the attack. The pillars at ground floor are standing still and not even one wreckage of a huge passenger airplane can be found on the front lawn. Where is the American airline flight? There was no such thing from first stage. It did not hit Pentagon.
DICK EASTMAN : 911 planned by Wolfowtiz, Feith, Perle, Rumsfeld -- Pentagon attack murdered most of Office of Naval Intelligence to eliminate rival to Feith's "Office of Special Plans" Intelligence op which pushed false intelligence of Iraq al Qa'eda link to White House.

Phot0 evidence shows that the attack on the Pentagon was a surgical strike involving a jet fighter firing one or more missiles into the Pentagon ahead of its own crash at pillar #14.

Sealed off by incendiary devices, the new Pentagon wedge became a killing field -- the 6 ft' diameter hole in "c" ring wall either an assault entry point or the site of an attempted escape by the conspiracy's targets.

now read this:

Pentagon cell that briefed White House on Iraq's 'imaginary' al-Qaeda links
By Julian Coman in Washington
(Filed: 11/07/2004

A Senior Pentagon policy maker created an unofficial "Iraqi intelligence cell" in the summer of 2002 to circumvent the CIA and secretly brief the White House on links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qa'eda, according to the Senate intelligence committee.

The allegations about Douglas Feith, the number three at the Department of Defence, are made in a supplementary annexe of the committee's review of the intelligence leading to war in Iraq, released on Friday.

According to dramatic testimony contained in the annexe, Mr Feith's cell undermined the credibility of CIA judgments on Iraq's alleged al-Qa'eda links within the highest levels of the Bush administration.

The cell appears to have been set up by Mr Feith as an adjunct to the Office of Special Plans, a Pentagon intelligence-gathering operation established in the wake of 9/11 with the authority of Paul Wolfowitz. Its focus quickly became the al-Qa'eda-Saddam link.

On occasion, without informing the then head of the CIA, George Tenet, the group gave counter-briefings in the White House. Sen Jay Rockefeller, the most senior Democrat on the committee, said that Mr Feith's cell may even have undertaken "unlawful" intelligence-gathering initiatives.

The claims will lead to calls by Democrats for the resignation of Mr Feith, the third-ranking civilian at the Department of Defence and a leading "neo-con" hawk. "Tenet fell on his sword," said one Democrat official, "even though it's clear that he was placed under tremendous pressure to come up with the 'right' intelligence product for the administration on Iraq.

"The testimony to the committee on Feith and other Pentagon officials shows just what kind of pressure was being exerted. And when that didn't work, the Pentagon was just coming up with its own answers and feeding them to the White House. And on al-Qa'eda they got it all wrong."

Last night a senior Pentagon adviser confirmed that Mr Feith was being targeted by senators unhappy that the administration has so far escaped censure for its use of intelligence.

"There are senators who are clearly gunning for Douglas Feith now. This is turning into a classic conspiracy investigation. They want to get Feith and see if, through Feith, they can go up the ladder to even bigger fish."

Mr Feith's role is to be examined further in the second phase of the Senate committee's investigations, which will deal with the Bush administration's use of the intelligence it received. The report by the Republican-dominated committee lambasted the CIA for intelligence failures while concluding that there was no evidence that the Bush administration tried to coerce officials to adapt their findings.

Yet the annexe - written by three leading Democratic senators - contains the strongest evidence yet that Pentagon hardliners sought to sideline the CIA during a drive to talk up a connection between Saddam and Osama bin Laden.

After the September 11 attacks, tension had grown between Pentagon officials and CIA agents, who suspected the Department of Defence of relying too heavily on dubious testimony from Iraqi defectors in order to justify a war against Iraq.

The CIA's investigation of links between Iraq and al-Qa'eda was almost the only aspect of the agency's intelligence-gathering to escape severe censure in the 511-page report. Sen Rockefeller, the senator for West Virginia, said: "Our report found that the intelligence community's judgments were right on Iraq's ties to terrorists. There was no evidence of the formal relationship, however you want to describe it, between Iraq and al-Qa'eda, and no evidence that existed of Iraq's complicity or assistance in al-Qa'eda's terrorist attacks."

Pentagon officials who appeared before the Senate committee testified that Mr Feith and others believed that the CIA was not sufficiently aggressive in its investigation of links between Saddam and al-Qa'eda. During the summer of 2002, administration hardliners believed that evidence of a connection between Iraq and the terrorist organisation would provide a clinching argument for war.

After the publication in June 2002 of a cautious report by the CIA entitled Iraq and al-Qa'eda: A Murky Relationship, Mr Feith passed on a written verdict to the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, that the report should be read "for content only - and CIA's interpretation should be ignored".

In August 2002, Mr Feith's cell gave a briefing to Mr Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, which included a stinging condemnation of the CIA's intelligence assessment techniques.

In sharp contrast to the Senate intelligence committee's criticisms of "over-reaching" and "exaggeration" by CIA agents, the Pentagon briefing criticised the agency for requiring "juridical evidence" for its findings and for the "consistent underestimation" of the possibility that Iraq and al-Qa'eda were attempting to conceal their collaboration.

In another incident, Mr Feith's Pentagon cell postponed the publication of a CIA assessment of Iraq's links to terrorism after a visit to CIA headquarters at which "numerous objections" were made to a final draft.

In particular, Pentagon officials insisted that more should be made of an alleged meeting between the September 11 hijacker Mohammed Atta and an Iraqi official in Prague in April 2001. The CIA judged reports of the meeting not to be credible, a verdict vindicated on Friday by the Senate committee report.

Most remarkably, on September 16, 2002, two days before the CIA was to produce its postponed assessment, Mr Feith's cell went directly to the White House and gave an alternative briefing to Vice-President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, and to the National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice's deputy.

The briefing contained the section alleging "fundamental problems" with CIA intelligence-gathering. It also gave a detailed breakdown of the alleged meeting between Atta and an Iraqi agent.

The following week, senior Bush officials made confident statements on the existence of a link between Saddam and al-Qa'eda. Mr Tenet would learn of the secret briefing only in March 2004.


Dick Eastman :
The Small Plane and the Boeing
Photo evidence exposes 9-11 mass-murder frameup at the Pentagon
Pentagon security camera shows the wrong plane, the wrong explosion and the discrepant trail of an air-to-ground missile.
1) a plane that is too short,
2) a trail of missile smoke behind and beneath the tail fin
in the first frame which later leads to
3) a white-hot flash explosion consistent with an exploding
missile warhead and totally inconsistent with an aluminum
jetliner carrying orange-red-burning jet-fuel kerosene hitting
a limestone, brick and concrete office building.



A plane is about to dive into South tower of WTC. Do you see something funny underneath its body?
The plane was not a mere passenger carrier. it was with extra accessory that looks like a missile launcher. It might be a sort of modified plane for military purpose, remote-controlled from ground. Some website claims the plane has shot a missile just before diving into WTC. See


Operation 911: NO SUICIDE PILOTS

The World Trade Center Demolition And The So-Called War On Terrorism

"Home Run"
Electronically Hijacking the World Trade Center Attack Aircraft

Copyright Joe Vialls, October 2001

There were NO hijackers
By Anonymous
Notice, above and to the far left. That video is from ABC and CNN. All that was done, was to slow it down.


A Missile, Not Flight 77

Defense Secretary : "and the missile to damage this building"


Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filled with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center.

Alleged 'Flight 175' Fires Missiles upon World Trade Center before Impact!

Notice it shoots out an orange fireball from this 'undercarriage pod' on the 767 before it hits the 2nd Tower. | To the right is the video taken by Evan Fairbanks. It clearly shows, when slowed down, the pod from where this missile came from. | The picture to the right of the 'blue' Evan Fairbanks video is taken from Camera Planet, and clearly shows the picture of the missile itself. | And to the right, one can easily see the 'double penetration' of the cockpit and the missile at the same time. Notice when the orange fireball appears, far to the right of the cockpit, is when that 'white projectile' disappears. Pretty simple stuff, when seen in slow motion.



Seven Of The WTC Hijackers Found Alive!

2001 Hijack 'Suspects' Alive And Well

Revealed: The Men With Stolen Identities

'Suicide Hijacker' Is An Airline Pilot Alive And Well In Jeddah


Remote Recovery of Aircraft Technology
Boeing 757-200 Background
A fully integrated flight management computer system (FMCS) provides for automatic guidance and control of the 757-200 from immediately after takeoff to final approach and landing. Linking together digital processors controlling navigation, guidance and engine thrust, the flight management system ensures that the aircraft flies the most efficient route and flight profile for reduced fuel consumption, flight time and crew workload. The precision of global positioning satellite system (GPS) navigation, automated air traffic control functions, and advanced guidance and communications features are now available as part of the new Future Air Navigation System (FANS) flight management computer.
NASA Boeing 757
GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS) USE FOR ALL-WEATHER LANDINGS The aviation industry is investigating the use of differential GPS concepts for precision landings in bad weather to improve the safety and reliability of air travel. The GPS is a constellation of 24 satellites used to determine aircraft position anywhere on or near the Earth. When a ground-based GPS receiver is used to provide a 'differential' correction signal, an aircraftゥ穆 position can be determined within a foot or two. Boeing partnered with NASA to examine GPS Landing System concepts and evaluate their accuracy, integrity, and continuity of function in automatic landings of airplanes. The team tested several prototype GPS Landing System concepts using NASA 557 during 226 automatic approaches and landings. The data obtained is being used to validate GPS Landing System simulations and to define system certification requirements.
Boeing Evaluates GPS Landing
Raytheon to Develop Joint Precision Approach and Landing System Global Hawk Unveiled 1997
Air Force Fact Sheet on Global Hawk unmanned aircraft technology
FAS information on Global Hawk unmanned aircraft technology
Northrup Grumman: Global Hawk Home Run Technology - electronic, remote control of commercial aircraft
This site explores more inconsistencies with Flight 77
9:36 National Airport instructs a military C130 (Golfer06) that had just departed Andrews Air Force base to intercept and identify it. Golfer06 reports it is a B767, moving low and very fast. - DO WE HAVE CONTROLLER AUDIO ON THIS???

Dov Zakheim: The Mastermind Behind 9/11?
Coincidence or conspiracy? Former Pentagon comptroller Dov Zakheim was CEO of Systems Planning Corp., which markets the technology to take over the controls of an airborne vehicle already in flight. For example, the Flight Termination System technology could hijack hijackers and bring the plane down safely.

With regard to Blueridge's reference to remote control of 9/11 flights, please check out System Planning Corporation of Alexandria, Virginia. www.sysplan.com

System Planning Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes highly sophisticated technology that enables an operator to fly by remote control as many as eight different airborne vehicles at the same time from one position either on the ground or airborne.

For those looking for an extraordinarily interesting hobby, please see photos and specs of this hardware (about the size of a small refrigerator)at www.sysplan.com/Radar/CTS

Just be sure your mom doesn't catch you causing havoc with the airlines.


Zionist Circles Benefit From WTC Collapse

Who benefited when the World Trade Center towers collapsed? Who controlled access prior to Sept. 11? These burning questions continue to be ignored by the mainstream media.

Exclusive to American Free Press
By Christopher Bollyn

Larry Silverstein, lease-holder of the World Trade Center, and Lewis Eisenberg, the man who negotiated the lease, are key supporters of Israel who have both held high positions in the largest Israeli fundraising institution in the United States.

Silverstein and his Australian-Israeli partner, Frank Lowy, are the real estate developers who obtained 99-year leases on the rental and retail spaces of the World Trade Center shortly before the catastrophe of Sept. 11.

Although their leased property is destroyed, the lease-holders themselves stand to gain billions of dollars from insurance.

Eisenberg, the former chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, personally arranged the privatization of the World Trade Center property and oversaw the negotiations that delivered the leases into the private hands of Silverstein and Lowy.

Eisenberg was recently appointed finance chairman of the Republican National Committee.

How did these well-known supporters of Israel come to control the property? What actually caused the buildings to collapse? There are two schools of thought.

There is the “official” theory that hijacked planes crashed into the towers and the subsequent fuel fires caused the twin towers to fall.

The second theory, however, argues that other devices, such as explosive charges, were used to collapse the towers in a kind of controlled demolition for which the planes provided a useful distraction.

There remain significant amounts of eyewitness testimony and evidence to support the theory that explosives contributed to the collapse of the twin towers and Seven World Trade Center, which fell for no apparent reason during the afternoon of Sept. 11.

Seven WTC was a 47-story building built by Silver stein on property leased from the Port Authority.

There are video recordings and photographs which appear to show explosions occurring at the base of the towers prior to and during the collapses.

In a remarkable three-dimensional image published in the German magazine GEO EPOCHE, which dedicated the December 2001 issue to 9-11, there are five or six large and deep craters to be seen beneath the rubble. At least four huge craters are seen where the twin towers stood and one is squarely at the center of Seven-WTC. Another photograph shows what appears to be a sand-colored blast originating at the base of one of the towers and growing into an immense cloud of dust.

If explosive charges were used to collapse the towers, the question of who had access to the buildings prior to 9-11 emerges. Silverstein controlled access to the towers from the end of July when he obtained the 99-year lease.

Who Silverstein is and how he obtained these leases for a fraction of their value are questions that have been completely avoided by the mainstream media.

Silverstein is the New York City commercial landlord who built Seven World Trade Center in 1987. Silverstein won, with Lowy’s Westfield America, a 99-year right-to-lease of the World Trade Center from Eisenberg, the former chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on July 26, 2001. While Silverstein controlled the 10.6 million-square-foot office space in the WTC complex, Westfield leased the 427,000 square-foot retail mall.

Silverstein and Eisenberg have both held leadership positions with the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), a billion dollar Zionist “charity” organization.

Silverstein is a former chairman of United Jewish Appeal Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, Inc. This is an umbrella organization which raises hundreds of millions of dollars every year for its network of hundreds of member Zionist agencies in the United States and Israel.

Eisenberg, who was instrumental in obtaining the lease for Silverstein, sits on the Planning Board of UJA/ United Jewish Federation.

Eisenberg was the key person in negotiating the lease for Silverstein and Westfield, who were in fact the low bidders in the final bidding process on the 110-story towers.

While the high bid came from Vornado Realty Trust, its path was reportedly blocked by demands to pay back taxes. In March 2001 the company pulled out after failing to reach a purchase agreement with Eisenberg. When Vornado pulled out, the door was opened for Silverstein and Lowy. Lowy obtained the retail lease in April while it took Silverstein until the end of July to obtain funding for the down payment.

One lender, GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corp., accused Silverstein of misallocating insurance money paid out after the Sept. 11 attack. In a complaint filed on Jan. 14 in the State Supreme Court in Manhattan, the lender, GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corp., asserts that Silver stein used some insurance money to pay lobbyists in Albany and in Washington to try to limit his liability to the victims.

Eisenberg is a “New York moneyman” and a former Democrat who supports the liberal wing of the Republican Party. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to “pro-choice” Republican candidates. The newly appointed finance chairman for the Republican National Committee, Eisenberg has also served as a vice president of the strong arm of the Israeli lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

When New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman appointed Eisenberg chairman of the Port Authority in February 1996, Forbes magazine said the formerly disgraced Goldman Sachs partner “got real lucky.”

“What a strange political appointment,” the magazine said, “considering the part he played in the sex scandal that rocked Goldman and the financial community in the late 1980s.”

Eisenberg quit Goldman Sachs after his secretary accused him of sexually harassing her.

“The truth ended up being that, yes, they had a brief affair, but, no, she was never harassed,” Forbes wrote, adding, “all charges were dismissed, though Eisenberg did resign.”

Silverstein is engaged in a lawsuit to double his insurance pay-off and may win as much as $7.1 billion from the insurance companies by arguing that the destruction of the towers was two insured events instead of one. The property was insured for $3.55 billion. Silverstein Properties Inc. had asked the judge to rule on the one-loss-or-two issue in a lawsuit against 20 of the 22 insurers on the property. District Judge John S. Martin Jr. rejected a motion for summary judgment in June.

A trial is scheduled Sept. 3, although a request for a delay by the insurers is under consideration.

While Silverstein Properties, a family-owned business, is “disappointed that the issue was not decided at this time, they are confident that they will prevail at trial,” said Howard Rubenstein, a spokesman for Silverstein.

Mohamed Atta was given CIA's scholarship at CIA controlled flying school. Schoolmaster had direct connection with Bush and CIA who is at the same time engaged in drug trafficking business. CIA needed Atta to attend classes at flying school but did not need Atta to master flying Boeing aircrafts as it can be done by remote control technology. Atta's job was to simply take responsibility for the terror which he did not participate.

Flagrant délit
Sur le vif : une image révélatrice, un fait marquant ou une déclaration décalée. 30 juin 2004

Washington prépare des actions militaires contres les musulmans thaïs

Le 4 janvier 2004, une base militaire avait été attaquée par des inconnus à Narathiwat au cours d'une opération très sophistiquée. Tuant quatre soldats, les assaillants s'étaient emparés d'une centaine de M-16. Au cours des semaines suivantes, vingt et une écoles avaient été brûlées et trois bonzes découpés à la machette. Dans un premier temps, le gouvernement avait accusé des bi-nationaux thaïs et malais, « militants islamistes de la Jemaah Islamiyah et d'Al Qaïda », et avait lancé une vaste campagne de répression anti-terroriste faisant au moins une centaine de morts parmi la population musulmane. Cependant, le 19 février, le général Thanee Thawichsri émit l'hypothèse que les troubles avaient été fomentés par les autorités militaires locales pour en blâmer les musulmans et éliminer des opposants ; une version confirmée le lendemain par le Premier ministre, Thaksin Shinawatra.
Quoi qu'il en soit, en mai, des pilotes de la Navy sont venus former les pilotes thaïs et les Forces spéciales ont dispensé un enseignement au combat urbain au cours des manœuvres communes Cobra d'Or 04. Hier, l'ambassadeur Darryl N. Johnson a annoncé la livraison de trente hélicoptères NH-1, ceux-là mêmes qui furent utilisé au Viêt-Nam, pour passer aux travaux pratiques.


By John Flaherty and Jared Israel
[Originally posted 14 September 2001 under the title, "'Explosives Planted In Towers,' New Mexico Tech Expert Says. Updated 26 December 2001 Revised 26 August 2002]

Van Romero reported that he had studied the videos of the WTC collapse and concluded that the towers were most likely destroyed by carefully placed demolition charges. He told the 'Journal': "It would be difficult for something from the plane to trigger an event like that."
911 Tapes Tell Horror Of 9/11


Official: Battalion 3 to dispatch, we've just had another explosion.
Official: Battalion 3 to dispatch, we've had additional explosion.
Dispatcher: Received battalion command. Additional explosion.

【I Tried To Be Patriotic  by J. McMichael】

Congressman, families demand WTC collapse data

The data are viewed as particularly important because an earlier investigation of the collapse, conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, suffered from <<<too few resources and a lack of access to critical information>>>

“We need to know the facts of this tragedy,” she said. “I’m calling for an end to the secrecy. To allow this information
to be kept secret, or even to be destroyed, is an outrage.”

CBS News Channel Eyewitness Describes 'Secondary Explosions' in the WTC


Some Survivors Say Bombs “Exploded in WTC”


Bombs inside the ‘World Trade Center’ and the ‘Pentagon’


Evidence of Explosives in Twin Tower Collapse


NY Fireman: There were 'BOMBS IN THE BUILDING!'



FBI Admits: No Evidence Links 'Hijackers' to 9-11


Poor Judgment Cited in Destruction of 9/11 FAA Tape

Fri May 7, 2004 02:12 AM ET

By John Crawley

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Air controllers who communicated with or tracked hijacked jets on Sept. 11, 2001, taped their recollections later that day but the recording was destroyed without anyone ever listening to it, a U.S. investigator said on Thursday.

Transportation Department Inspector General Kenneth Mead found irregularities in how two Federal Aviation Administration managers at the main air traffic center on New York's Long Island handled the tape and concluded they used poor judgment.

The tape dealt specifically with the two aircraft that crashed into the World Trade Center towers. A third hijacked plane struck the Pentagon and a fourth crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

One of the men, a quality assurance manager, destroyed the tape months after it was made. He crushed the single audiocassette in his hand, cut the recording strands into small pieces and threw the debris into different trash cans at the center, Mead said.

The FAA agreed with Mead's overall findings and said it was taking disciplinary action against the manager who destroyed the tape.

Mead also found the two managers misconstrued a directive from FAA headquarters to save all data and records pertaining to Sept. 11, and criticized them for not alerting their superiors. But the investigation found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing and prosecutors declined to pursue the matter.


A Missile, Not Flight 77

Defense Secretary : "and the missile to damage this building"


Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filled with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center.






19 Arab terrorists were named responsible for the attacks on WTC and Pentagon just after the incidents. Then, at least 7 of them have appeared alive in public and protested for their innocence. Were the planes really flown by Arabs?

It is understood U.S. Military has long time ago have developed what they call "HOME RUN" technology. Commercial plane can be remote-controlled from ground in order to let it land safely while it was high jacked by terrorists. Pilot on flight cannot control the plane once this HOME RUN is activated. The same technology can let airplane dive into WTC.

There are plenty of things that cannot be explained by Bush Admin. Bush and his cabal are telling us a lot of lie. Why do they try to tell us something else than truth?

Because this war initiated by 9-11 plot has been engineered by Bush and his fellow from American Jewish society as well as Israel. It was a coup by Jewish Zionist and Jewish billionaires in Wall Street.



The Bush-Rockefeller gang caused the 9/11 attacks AND that another such attack is planned for “autumn” 2004 as a way for Bush Jr. to win the election.

NESARA; Emailing Dove; CIA Agent Reveals Bush-Rockefeller Gang -9/11
January 26, 2004 8:40 p.m. PST

My sources have verified the validity of the confession and revelations given below by the CIA agent. He is very matter-of-fact in stating that the Bush-Rockefeller gang caused the 9/11 attacks AND that another such attack is planned for “autumn” 2004 as a way for Bush Jr. to win the election.

The Bush-Rockefeller gang have been trying to cause other attacks and I was told a few months ago that the Bush-Rockefeller gang plans to try to stage more 9/11-type attacks in order to keep Bush Jr. in the oval office. However, the benevolent Forces have and will continue to neutralize these attempted attacks since 9/11; there will be no more attacks by the Bush-Rockefeller gang.
Stanley Hilton says 9-11 is inside job

Alex Jones Interviews Stanley Hilton
SH: Well, we filed the lawsuit last May against Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and several other of the rest of the terrorists that run the U.S. government for complicity in causing and also in aiding and abetting the 9/11 attacks, in order to promote their political agenda. And, we are in the process, you know these lawsuits, they come and they go in terms of level of activity.

SH: Basically a one-world globalist tyranny controlled by them, of course, the neocons, neo-conservatives. But they are not really conservatives; they are radicals because they are seeking a radical destruction of our way of life for the last two-hundred years. They池e are basically introducing an alien anti-American form of tyranny which has more to do with old Europe and Asia than it has to do with this country. The ultimate goal, of course, is to advance their own agenda. Certainly, the extension of Israel痴 borders from the Nile to the Euphrates as they say the Bible mandates is certainly a major goal. No question about it.
Emulation of Sharon's government in Israel to turn the U.S. into sort of a super Israel, I think is another purpose. And if you look at what痴 going on now with the propaganda war - all this 9/11 exaggerations and lies and so forth by these criminals around Bush. That is certainly aimed at the agenda of territorial expansion of Israel in the Middle East - the major goal, there is no question about it.

Thomas Friedman, April 4, 2003, New York Times Columnist
I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.
Meet the men behind George Bush - the men you believe and trust with your life. U.S. Jewish Government under President Bush:
911 An Inside Job, America Now Under Zionist Control http://www.ntimc.org/newswire.php?story_id=413&condense_comments=false

By Danny Goldberg
Tel Aviv, Israel 1-11-4

Dear Mr. Rense,
Since you posted our two earlier articles :

http://rense.com/general46/warn.html and http://www.rense.com/general46/who.html
we received awesome information from around the world, also from Intel sources. Our group consists of Israelis in Israel and Israelis who already succeeded to escape to other countries.

The total consensus of all of us, as well as almost all the email we received, is that 911 was an
inside job. We spent already over a year analyzing all other possibilities, NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE DONE IT. The White House 'confirmed' our posted conclusions (in your articles) by not allowing any free investigation of 911. The Fact that all of your Zionist controlled congress and senate (pathetic) are cooperating with Bush in the 911 cover-up, proved our point. We have NEVER seen such level of high treason against the American people, or in world history.

Further, we would like to alert gullible Americans to wake up and realize that you are already under what we call essentially 'Zionist Martial Law.' Your military is already patrolling your streets under the fictional excuse of 'protecting you from terrorists' while in reality the NWO is getting you used to the chains around your neck. Your civil rights have been taken away from you, your freedom to travel has been curtailed seriously. You do not trust your military anymore after 911. Politicians (Sen. Wellstone), whistle blowers, Generals, scientists, journalists and more, are assassinated when disagreeing with the NWO. Unless you agree with the White House, you can not open your mouth in today's fascist America, you will be either labeled 'unpatriotic' or and 'antisemite'.

Chapter 16 - HUNDREDS OF
A neoconservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America’s interest.
by Patrick J. Buchanan


The Zionist Connection to 9-11
by anonymous Tuesday, Apr 13 2004, 2:10pm
Let’s all do our own supplementary 9-11 investigation, shall we? Many of you have already done so.
From what I’ve read all around, it really does seem to me as if the Zionists conceived of the 9-11 event, aided and abetted it, as well as found some Arab Muslim fanatics to act as patsies to carry it out. Perhaps Daniel Lewin (a multi-millionaire Israeli internet mogul who also was an Israeli top secret commando for the IDF) was also a suicide bomber-commando in this case. The Mossad most definitely was involved with 9-11 and I think most likely participated in it fully with strategizing, supplied the funds, the high tech know-how and helped to implement it and made it all happen--- and REJOICED! Witnesses saw the “dancing Israeli spies” who were later detained. Sharon said it was “good for Israel”. And you can bet your last dollar that the Neocons also rejoiced and toasted to the event that they had actually specified that they had needed to happen to jumpstart their vision for the New World Order as spelled out at their website www.newamericancentury.org which they have since toned down their rhetoric a bit and they’ve actually now hidden their once bald-faced manifesto (which stated clearly that they needed a catastrophic Pearl Harbor style attack to happen ostensibly from “the enemy” to launch a massive imperialistic attack on the Middle East starting with Iraq.)

You may be surprised to know that David Duke has written one of the best articles to date about how the Zionists caused 9-11 to happen. I never would have thought that someday I would be quoting David Duke, but there you have it.
JEW'S WAR ....most hawkish members are pushing a sweeping vision for the Middle East that sees the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq



Iraq war hawks have plans to reshape entire Mideast By John Donnelly and Anthony Shadid, Globe Staff, 9/10/2002 WASHINGTON - As the Bush administration debates going to war against Iraq, its most hawkish members are pushing a sweeping vision for the Middle East that sees the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq as merely a first step in the region's transformation.

ascent of key hard-liners in the administration - from Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith in the Pentagon to John Hannah and Lewis Libby on the vice president's staff and John Bolton in the State Department, analysts and officials say.
9/11 v The Truth Comes Out Israel's 9/11 connection exposed
"As long as 60 Israeli citizens are being held v under conditions of great secrecy v in connection with the 9/11 investigation, it is no longer tenable to dismiss the possibility of an Israeli angle in this story." The Post story went on to describe the Israeli detainees as having served in special anti-terrorist and intelligence units. "Something tells me these guys are no ordinary tourists," I averred. While "we just don't know" because of the secrecy surrounding the government's actions, I thought that the whole point of the Ashcroft round-up was not only to sweep up potential suspects but to gather information that could lead them to Al Qaeda's underground network in the US. Therefore, I theorized, "It could be that the Israelis, or at least some of them, fall into this category: while not being directly involved, maybe they know something. Nothing else could account for the government's 'special interest.'"
major Israeli spy ring involving some a 120 agents for the intelligence service Mossad operating across America

Report details US 'intelligence failures'

The paper has uncovered details of a major Israeli spy ring involving some a 120 agents for the intelligence service Mossad operating across America and some masquerading as arts students. But the Israeli agents were detected by their American counterparts and thrown out of the country, it says. Just a month before the deadly attacks, the paper said, Mossad handed over to the Americans a detailed report naming several suspects they believe were preparing an attack on the United States.
But it contained no specific indications as to the objective and it was not treated seriously.
Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001




The Story That Will Not Go Away
"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring.


A Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on 9-11. Police received several calls from angry New Jersey residents claiming “middle-eastern” men with a white van were videotaping the disaster with shouts of joy and mockery. (
1) "They were like happy, you know … They didn't look shocked to me" said a witness. (2)[T]hey were seen by New Jersey residents on Sept. 11 making fun of the World Trade Center ruins and going to extreme lengths to photograph themselves in front of the wreckage. (3)Witnesses saw them jumping for joy in Liberty State Park after the initial impact (4). Later on, other witnesses saw them celebrating on a roof in Weehawken, and still more witnesses later saw them celebrating with high fives in a Jersey City parking lot. (5)
Claims 911 Was An Inside Job Go Mainstream Global Free Press
This week, the Wall Street Journal reported on their first page about the success of 911 authors who challenge the official story of the September 11th attacks. The article dismissed their claim and tried to discredit two former Ministers, Andreas von Buelow (Germany) and Michael Meacher (England). Both recently implied, that the U.S. might have had enough reasons, to organize the attacks to give it a pretext to send troops to Iraq. The WSJ article was followed one day later, by a similar article of NY Times contributor Richard Bernstein in the Herald Tribune. Already two weeks ago, the German magazine DER SPIEGEL, released a title story about the success of German 911 Authors. Books about a possible 9/11 Inside Job are also popular in Italy and France. The majority of independent 9/11 Researchers think, that 9/11 was connected with the Neocon Think Tank PNAC. This week, one of their founders, Lewis Libby, was being speculated as one of the possible suspects of being responsible for the leak of the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plume. Other members of PNAC are Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz. Wolfowitz, it is said, planned a war against Iraq back in 1998. In one of the documents of PNAC it is explained, that they needed "some catastrophic and catalysing event - like a new Pearl Harbour." http://news.globalfreepress.com/article.pl?sid=03/10/02/0146247

- A Call to All True Patriots -
We have actively studied the questionable nature of the official version of what happened to our nation on September 11, 2001. Throughout the first year after 9-11 we ignored and did not believe those who asked us to question the official story. Like millions of Americans we believed America had been attacked by terrorists from abroad. Sadly, we are now convinced that our government committed a vicious criminal act against its own citizens for the larger purpose of swaying us to support both domestic and foreign policies mapped out in the mid and late 1990's. 9-11 was Hitler's Reichstag fire of 1933 and Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor masterfully coordinated to achieve the desired ends of an imperialistic role for America in the world, patriotic support at home and the erosion of our constitutional rights. In a nutshell, the war on terrorism is a cruel hoax by a misguided, out-of-democratic control small group of individuals sabotaging the best of American values. We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis combined with severe domination from an Orwellian corporate media knowingly or unknowingly being of service to the true powerbrokers behind the curtain.

We feel like we are living in the "Matrix" where we can blend in, but knowing something is horribly wrong and must be exposed. The quality of life for all of our loved ones is at stake along with the hopes of millions of people for a world of peace, freedom and ecological sustainability. If just a few of you take the time to study a little more and become involved in the 9-11 truth movement we will be greatly appreciative. We strongly feel that people of all progressive movements should involve themselves in this effort to expose the truth about 9-11 and in the greatest push ever from the grassroots to nonviolently replace our current despotic leadership. It would have tremendous positive consequences to all of our progressive movements if similar to the fall of Nixon over Watergate that the Bush administration was exposed on this and replaced. This outrageous criminal act must be brought to justice and our freedoms restored. We need to reach out now to all those who may be willing to hear and break the silence.

In the last year, the science research into 9/11 has allowed us to make stronger conclusions that were possible a year ago: not that they "Let It Happen On Purpose" (LIHOP) but that it was an "Inside Job". In viewing the events from the latter perspective, we find that more of the evidence fits in, and there are fewer unproductive "red herrings" to follow.

An Inside Job means that 9/11 was planned and executed by elements of the US government and shadow government, and that the likely role of OsamaBinAsset was as an intelligence asset, and that the hijackers that actually existed were likely patsies.

The distinction is important in that there is a media disinformation campaign pushing the "The Saudis Did It" flavour of LIHOP, as well as some "9/11 skeptics" who are advocating the LIHOP as a means of preventing or dissuading investigation into the fact that it was an Inside Job.
True Patriot 9-11 Was an Inside Job
Mon Apr 12, 2004 13:23

No amount of propoganda can remove the hard evidence that exists to demonstrate that 9-11 was an inside job. The proof lies in WTC 7. Larry Silverman admitted that this building was intentionally demolished. This demolition occured on the afternoon of Sept. 11th. Controlled implosions such as this require more time and effort to arrange than could've taken place within the few short available on this day filled with such turmoil. This means the building was pre-facilitated with demo charges set to go on the 11th. Time to wake up America, we are in REAL danger.

AF Intel source: pro-Bush gov't factions 'absolutely' behind Tuesday's mass devastation!

- "The enemy is very much within"
TOP_VIEW has just conducted a brief yet immeasurably important phone interview -- set up by a trusted and totally reliable intermediary already known to us -- with an Air Force Reserve intelligence specialist.

Intel source: You could say that. Actually there are certain (pause) groups in our government who pretty much ran the whole show.

Intel source: No. What I'm saying is that these groups (within the federal government - TV) were the perpetrators of the action, right down the line from top to bottom.

9/11 - An Inside Job?
9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush
Marvin P. Bush, the president’s younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport.

All 9/11 airports serviced by one Israeli company
ICTS is [...] an Israeli owned company, and [...] it sells services to every airport from which the hijacked planes operated, including security, sometimes through wholly owned subsidiaries like Huntleigh USA Corporation.

Bush Senior Met With Bin Laden's Brother on 9/11
On 11 September, while Al-Qaeda's planes slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the Carlyle Group hosted
a conference at a Washington hotel. Among the guests of honour was a valued investor: Shafig bin Laden, brother to Osama.
9/11 was a Hoax The American government killed its own people
by John Kaminski
Opposed by everyone in the world who was not bought off, the illegal invasion of Iraq was undertaken for many reasons — the imminent replacement of the dollar by the euro as the world's primary currency, the tempting lure of untapped oil reserves, the desire to consolidate U.S./Israeli military hegemony over a strategically vital region — but the most important reason was to further obscure questions about the awesome deception staged by the American government that has come to be known as

9/11 was a hoax. This is no longer a wild conspiracy assertion; it is a fact, supported by thousands of other verifiable facts, foremost of which are:

The Pope thinks 9-11 was an inside job by Wayne Madsen
"...According to journalists close to the Vatican, the Pope and his closest advisers are also concerned that the ultimate acts of evil - the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon - were
known in advance by senior Bush administration officials.

By permitting the attacks to take their course, there is a perception within the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy that a coup d'etat was implemented, one that gave Bush and his leadership near-dictatorial powers to carry out their agenda."

"The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor"

The 9-11 Tragedy: Official Story.... or INSIDE JOB?

Find out in this sobering analysis by a leading investigative journalist.

Inside Job is the definitive journalistic account of the hidden role of the Bush Whitehouse in perpetrating the 9-11 attacks. Veteran journalist Jim Marrs weaves into his coverage the kind of relentless undercover research that has long ago established him as one of America's leading conspiracy researchers. Marrs also provides daring explanations for the motivations driving the parties involved in 9-11, drawing deeply from his acclaimed research on the JFK assassination and shadow government. Originally written under contract for a large New York publisher, this book passed legal review and received extensive editorial support only to be cancelled suddenly in early 2003 with little explanation by the publisher. It is now being brought out by a small press in Northern California.

September 11: An Inside Job? I’m going to miss America
by Aaron Braaten

There’s a plethora of alternate Internet information concerning 9/11, like the disappearing Pentagon plane, the controlled WTC demolition, the mysterious WTC Building #7 bombing, or the shady financial dealings of a irline stock. There’s enough evidence to indicate that 9/11 was an inside job. Furthermore, Henry Kissinger’s in charge of discerning fact from fiction in all of this mess. I wouldn’t trust him with the well being of three million Vietnamese citizens or furthering democracy in Chile, so why should anyone trust him with heading up the 9/11 investigation?
9-11: An Inside Job
9-11: AN INSIDE JOB Investigative journalist Jim Marrs (Ft. Worth) explains why Bush had to win the 2000 election:
the conservative right would have more stridently balked at the war program if Gore was in the White House.

marrsinterview 9-11 Inquiry - video/x-ms-wmv 2.7M

The Fatal Flaw in the 9/11 Coverup By John Kaminski
Why can no one name the hijackers or prove they flew the planes?

Know how to tell the difference between the truth and lies of 9/11? If they're talking about hijackers having done the dastardly deed, you know they're part of the sinister coverup extravaganza, wittingly or not.

In order for the people of the world to be convinced that Islamic hijackers were responsible for terrible tragedy of 9/11, we need to see some evidence. Not hearsay, innuendo, aspersion or promises of evidence, but real evidence.

Otherwise, the whole subject is rightly regarded as a ruse, a setup to conceal the identities of the real culprits, the ones who sit smugly in front of the TV cameras and plot their cynical war on terror — otherwise known as the war on the peoples of the world.

Why did FBI director Robert Mueller say very publicly to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco that nothing on paper connected Arab terrorists to 9/11? I mean, two and half years have passed. And the feds produced 19 names within 72 hours of the disaster. Notice a mathematical inconsistency here? All that has happened since is mere vigilante hysteria, hypothetical scenarios trumpeted ad nauseum by America's notoriously brainwashed Zionist press.

Seven or eight of the names on that original list have been found living comfortably in other countries. Why hasn't the FBI made any attempt to correct the errors made on that original list? See for yourself. http://members.fortunecity.com/911/september-eleven/hijackers-alive.htm and http://www.welfarestate.com/911/.

Retired General Anthony Zinni : "The war in Iraq partly for Israel's sake."
He laid the blame on several senior administration officials - all of whom happen to be Jewish.

Haaretz - Israel News
Tue., May 25, 2004 Sivan 5, 5764 Israel Time: 01:26 (GMT+3)

Zinni: Criticism of Iraq war not spurred by anti-Semitism
By Nathan Guttman

WASHINGTON - Retired General Anthony Zinni, the Bush administration's former envoy to the Middle East, charged this week that the administration launched the war in Iraq partly for Israel's sake.
In an interview with the television program "60 Minutes" on Sunday, Zinni lambasted the handling of the war and laid the blame on several senior administration officials - all of whom happen to be Jewish. These men, he said, pushed the war because they "saw the invasion of Iraq as a way to stabilize American interests in the region and strengthen the position of Israel."
The officials he mentioned were Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Under Secretary of Defense Douglas Feith, former chairman of the Defense Policy Board Richard Perle, National Security Council member Elliott Abrams and Lewis Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff.
Nevertheless, Zinni denied that his complaints are directed specifically against Jews.
"[In] one article, because I mentioned the neoconservatives who describe themselves as neoconservatives, I was called anti-Semitic," he said. "I mean, you know, [it's] unbelievable that that's the kind of personal attacks that are run when you criticize a strategy and those who propose it."

Zinni said it was "the worst-kept secret in Washington" that a group of neoconservative thinkers had pushed for invading Iraq in order to make the Middle East more democratic — and safer for Israel.

The Bush Cabal and Iraq War - Ethnic Response to Criticism

The Ground Shifts May 28, 2004

The ground shifted this week, subtly but critically, in the ongoing debate over the role of Israel in America's Iraq policy, one more step in the growing insecurity facing Jews and the Jewish state in the wake of the Iraq war.

As recently as a week ago, reasonable people still could dismiss as antisemitic conspiracy mongering the claim that Israel's security was the real motive behind the invasion of Iraq. No longer. The allegation has now moved from the fringes into the mainstream. Its advocates can no longer simply be shushed or dismissed as bigots. Those who disagree must now argue the case on the merits.

What changed this week, most importantly, was the entry into the debate of the very respectable Anthony Zinni, the retired Marine general and former Middle East mediator. Appearing on CBS News' "60 Minutes" last Sunday, Zinni said it was "the worst-kept secret in Washington" that a group of neoconservative thinkers had pushed for invading Iraq in order to make the Middle East more democratic — and safer for Israel. "Everybody I talk to in Washington has known and fully knows what their agenda was and what they were trying to do," Zinni said. And in saying it, he changed the terms of the debate. He is not one to be waved off.

Saying Zinni has a right to his views is not the same as saying he's right. For our money, the idea that a small group of bureaucrats and ideologues effectively hijacked American policy and cooked up a war is simplistic. Those who sought to topple Saddam Hussein believed he was a threat both to Israel and to America. Nobody was more committed to removing that threat than George Bush.

Whatever else may be said of Bush, he has a clear vision of the world — perhaps too clear — and he has been consistent in acting on it. He may be driving America's ship of state "over Niagara Falls," as Zinni put it, but he's doing it with his eyes open.

The notion that invading Iraq was a neoconservative scheme, foisted on American policy-makers for Israel's benefit, has been simmering just beyond the borders of acceptable politics since the Bush administration began visibly preparing for war in the winter of 2003. Though popular in Europe, the notion was articulated in this country mainly by longtime critics of Israel who could easily be dismissed as conspiracy theorists. The Israel link was mentioned repeatedly in the major media — "Meet the Press," the Washington Post — as an idea that was in play, but virtually no mainstream figure would admit to believing it. Most of America took the administration at its word that the drive to war was motivated — rightly or wrongly — by a belief that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction and had ties to Al Qaeda.

And here is the other shift in the debate. The collapse of the two main justifications for war — the weapons and the Al Qaeda link — has left Middle East democratization as the one believable motive. Once that was established, it was only a matter of time before the Israel question resurfaced.

Zinni is the second major Washington figure to make the accusation publicly this month. Senator Ernest Hollings, a South Carolina Democrat with an unfortunate history of ethnic slurs, said much the same thing in a newspaper essay May 6 and was roundly attacked for it. Both the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee accused him of resurrecting age-old "Jewish conspiracy" myths and demanded that he retract his statement. Instead, Hollings rose on the floor of the Senate on May 20, and repeated his charge.

Zinni went public the following Sunday. He didn't have the bully pulpit of the U.S. Senate, but he had something at least as powerful: credibility. A genuine Pentagon star, Zinni is a former chief of the U.S. Central Command, in charge of all American troops in the Middle East. He also served as President Bush's special Middle East envoy in the winter of 2002 and 2003, overseeing Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy during the months that Washington was preparing for war in Iraq. He's not merely theorizing about how American policy was formed; he was there.

The truth is, of course, that Zinni is partly right — but only partly. Securing Israel was one of the war hawks' motives, but not the only one, probably not even the main one. Saddam's regime genuinely threatened the stability of the region, as the United Nations Security Council had unanimously agreed the previous fall. Other threats were growing in seriousness, not least Al Qaeda, which had struck in September 2001 and was seeking to expand its reach. Then, too, the ideological predilections of the Bush administration — particularly its moral absolutism and its suspicion of international agreements — hampered its ability to interpret these threats and shape an effective response.

More than any other, it is that last factor — the administration's unilateralism — that has most colored perceptions of Israel over the past year. By going to war before he had exhausted all diplomatic options, by failing to assemble a genuinely international coalition, by failing to line up moderate Arab support as his father did in 1991, Bush set in motion a catastrophic chain of events that has left the world less stable than it was before. The threat of terrorism has increased, not declined. Movements that were separate and distinct before the war — Iraqi Baathism, Al Qaeda fundamentalism, Palestinian nationalism — are making common cause more than ever, becoming the global threat that we had imagined them to be. Jewish institutions around the world have been forced to fortify themselves like military installations. And in the midst of all this stands America — alone against much of the world — with Israel by its side, more alone and threatened than it was before.

Rep. Nita Lowey told the Forward this week that because of Bush's policies, Jews are less safe than they were. Stating that fact doesn't lessen the responsibility of those who threaten and attack Jews. It merely acknowledges the staggering ineptitude of the administration in meeting those threats. Bush surely didn't mean to make things worse, but that's what he did.

And now the greatest irony: As Americans become bitter over these catastrophic events, they may yet vent their anger on the oldest scapegoat of all.

The line between legitimate debate and scapegoating is a fine one. Friends of Israel will be tempted to guard that line by labeling as antisemites those who threaten to cross it. They already have begun to do so. But it is a mistake. Israel and its allies stand accused of manipulating America's public debate for their own purposes. If they were to succeed in suppressing debate to protect themselves, it only would prove the point. Better to follow the democratic path: If there is bad speech, the best reply is more speech.

Besides, the fight already may have been lost. Exposing antisemites can be an effective weapon when it succeeds in shaming the bigots, or isolating them. These days, as we learned from Mel Gibson, those who stand accused of antisemitism seem increasingly able to portray themselves as victims — as Hollings and Zinni already have done. It is not Israel's enemies but its friends that are isolated. That's another thing that's changed.
If this was a war to protect Israel, then heaven shield us from our protectors.//

Former U.S. envoys want Bush voted out
26 ex-diplomats, military officers join in crusade
Say U.S. president hurting American security interests


WASHINGTON—A group of 26 retired U.S. diplomats and military officers said yesterday that President George W. Bush should be voted out of office in November for damaging U.S. national security interests and America's standing in the international community.

"Today we see that structure crumbling under an administration blinded by ideology and a callous indifference to the world around it," said Phyllis Oakley, former assistant secretary of state for intelligence and research. "Never before have so many of us felt the need for a major change in the direction of our foreign policy."

Retired Gen. Merrill A. "Tony" McPeak, former air force chief of staff, said Bush anticipated a rosy reception after a military victory in Iraq but "we were totally unprepared for the post-combat occupation. So we see here unfolding before us a total disaster."

Charles Freeman, former ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the first Persian Gulf war, said the administration's handling of wider relations with the Islamic world was particularly damaging to U.S. interests.

The group, which calls itself Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change, did not explicitly endorse Democrat John Kerry for president in its statement. But one of its members said Sunday "it goes more or less without saying."

The Bush campaign said at least 20 members of the group have been involved in partisan political activities in the past.

"It is not surprising that John Kerry has the support of a group of people who share his belief that the threat of terror is exaggerated," Bush spokesperson Steve Schmidt said. "This is a group that shares John Kerry's pre-Sept. 11 world view and supports John Kerry's failed ideas for treating terrorism as a matter mainly for law-enforcement and intelligence."

Among the group are 20 ambassadors, appointed by presidents of both parties, other former U.S. State Department officials and military leaders whose careers span three decades.

Prominent members include retired Marine Gen. Joseph P. Hoar, commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East during the administration of Bush's father; retired Adm. William J. Crowe Jr., ambassador to Britain under president Bill Clinton and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under president Ronald Reagan; and retired Adm. Stansfield Turner, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency.