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Did Barron Adolf Rothschild Hitler flee to Argentina after completing his Zionistic task to construct Israel, then, live till 1980's there, protected by Jewish community?

1 Jay That's really amazing you were able to discover all of that stuff?
2 torch Is the new "president" of Iran yet another Khazar puppet?


Very few have the knowledge and even fewer have the intelligence to question the facts!



I had never considered this idea until I stumbled upon your site. While you are a bit extreme, I think a lot of what you say has validity. I just wanted to let you know that you have supporters out there. Thanks for helping me to realize this was going on.

5 Orie Your website is interesting and it fills the gaps I have in my search for what is truly happening in the world.  I am Jewish from my father's side of the family.  My mother is a devout Protestant from Texas. 

From Orie, dated April 17, 2006
Subject : Stealth or not?

From Jedd. dated March 29, 2006

Thanks Jedd. Your suggestion is well noted.

From Jay. dated March 29, 2006
Subject : Stealth jews

Dear Jay, I first felt it was a inside job right on the day of 9-11. Then, started making research and reached the conclusion that everything was planned and performed by Jewish Mega Power. Once you know the structure of the conspiracy, it is easy to gather the necessary information. Pictures and documents can be collected by making search on web with the keywords of bush/jew, rockefeller/jew, hilter/jew, clinton/jew................Our world is rather simple. Jew controls it. That's all. Truth can be found out in front of the computer. 

Thats really amazing you were able to discover all of that stuff?
How did you come across it and where did you get those pictures?
I wish to learn more

From torch. dated Nov. 20, 2005
Subject : khazaria

Is the new "president" of Iran yet another Khazar puppet bringing about the political turmoil needed to forment war and help open the doors to Ashkenazi Khazaria?  I live near Denison, TX and have always thought Eisenhower was a jewish name.  Do you have anymore links on him?  It is my understanding that German POWs were used to build Lake Texoma and they were slaughtered upon completion.

 thank you


From John, dated Sept. 19, 2005

RE: http://richardkoshimizu.hatenablog.com/entry/20150815/1439575993

I love your website! Very few have the knowledge and even fewer have the intelligence to question the facts! You are a hero!!

Fantastic web site!!!!! Keep up the great work!

Best regards,





From Orie, dated April 17, 2006
Subject : Stealth or not?

Your website is interesting and it fills the gaps I have in my search for what is truly happening in the world.  I am Jewish from my father's side of the family.  My mother is a devout Protestant from Texas.  As I started growing up, I realized that there were too many things happening to favor Jews - and I'm not just talking about the guilt Western Christians are made to feel about WW2.  All the important positions in Media, Banking, and Government slowly became a breeding ground for Jewish nepotism and the Zionist agenda.  My father naturally has also taken advantage of the network that has been available to him just by his last name (quite Jewish) like getting into a good university and even in job interviews in the 70s.  I myself have found the ease of getting things done with another Jew if I focus on my "Jewishness".

Globally, it's become obvious that the billion Christians and the billion Muslims must have a massive conflict in order for the Zionists to get away with their plans.  The same tricks that were used to break the knees of China, Japan, and Korea are being used today on the Muslims.  In 1945, Hirohito was made to tell his people that he was not a God.  In 2003, Arab Muslims, who are an icon of what Mohammad was, along with the Muslims' value of "clothing modesty" were brought down the same way in Abu Ghraib by being paraded around naked and put on leashes like dogs.  This system of crushing people's ideals and values is a method that most of these occult elite see as a way of creating prosperity for themselves (1984).  I'm sure you must be aware of the Opium Wars and who owned those ships in Hong Kong's stolen harbor.   

There are plenty of other tricks that come out of Hollywood every day.  One of these things is to Liberalize Islam.  That's right, liberalize the most orthodox religion known to man.  Let me explain.  Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Christians (Russian, Egyptian, Greek Churches, etc) have certain practices that distinguish them from others.  The priests and rabbis will keep beards as the standard norm to show their wisdom or piety.  The women cover their hair during prayer or when inside the Church or Synagogue.  The Muslim's religion says that all men must keep beards under their social code called Sharia, and that all women must cover their hair, ALL THE TIME.  So, it can be understood that this isn't only a conservative religion, but can be considered to be very orthodox (there are 100s of other details about them that make our Babylonian Talmud look modern).  The redefining of "CONSERVATISM" and "LIBERALISM" is the biggest trick that comes out of the media, the source of information that molds our culture.  Modern "Liberalism" started out by supporting Civil rights in the 1960s - racial equality.  Within decades, it has also become the open defender of Gay rights.  Homosexuality in the three "Abrahamic" faiths is an abomination and seen as the phenomenon that causes God's ultimate wrath on nations.  By forcing Muslims, who are the most orthodox of the 3 faiths, to be in society's circles along with Homosexuals, there is a longer term plan to manifest the reality of 1984 by destroying all of these faith systems.  Just as one example, "V for Vendetta" starring Israeli Natalie Portman showed the near future, a Christian Britain ruled by totalitarianism in which one could get killed for owning the Koran.  In the same scene it introduces that idea, Natalie discovers that her boss, hides a copy of the Koran in his locked basement.  He praises the beautiful poetry in the book and immediately after that, Natalie sees his gay S&M posters on the other side of the room, which are also banned by the State.   

However, so few have EVER made the game so easily visible as you have on your site.  I was in awe and confusion until I saw the way you put the pieces of the puzzle together.  I wondered how, and I think I know now.  You have a Shinto (most likely) background, one not linked to Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.  Your heritage has nothing to do with the figures and their stories as do ours.  We are blinded by that heritage and it becomes an obstacle in our understanding of the world.  You have two advantages in your power of perspective.  First, you see the world events as a neutral observer (though you were able to see the links in your neighborhood with Rev. Moon).  Second, your middle class has had an opportunity from the 1960's to the present to see America in it's highest crust in the Private Sector, as well as the Public Sector, which is almost seamless here in America if you work for a Defense or Industrial Corporation.  The corruption and ways of our country's elite have perhaps surprised some of your people and the stories have made it back to your society, where your middle class is vast and highly educated. 

As far as Stealth Jewishness, IT IS TRUE and a Western world phenomenon.  There's nothing scary or unnatural about it - but it is indeed tricky for those who are victims.  After the Spanish Inquisition, most Marranos had to either move to Morocco (which there still is a Jewish city) or stay in Spain as a Christian.  Naturally, those who had well-to-do businesses and affairs stayed in Spain.  Also, in the Western European nations, Jewish families, mostly Ashkenazim had begun to mix with "white" women as much as possible to change their offsprings' appearances (subconsciously).  This took generations, but as the genetics changed, the in-house identity, a race-based ideology of "Jewishness" gained an emphasis instead of the religious practices which were slowly lost.  Some of these people were able to befriend royalty and aristocracy with their likelinesses in focus, and others, the common poor Jews were ghettoized and made into public affairs such as in the case of Jack the Ripper in London to show the Christian masses that "This is what Jews are like."  With the influx of Ukrainian and East European Jews in the early and mid 1800s, starting from scratch in such a large country where you can change your records, your name, and do whatever you please became the custom.  The many Jews that moved to the closest point from Ellis Island, Brooklyn, started a Jewish neighborhood of their own, one where the Jewish identity was strong and the culture of American Jewry developed.  However, those Jews that moved into the countryside and to the wealthy South (known as Jewfords), got by without ever telling anyone that they were Jews.  Similar to the Western Europe Jew as mentioned above - these people became obsessed with the race-based ideology of being a Jew more than practicing the religion of Judaism.  With the arrival of socialism, the doors to "race" opened wider.  The marriage between these Jewford families and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds of the world became certain in the early 1900s.  Keep up the good work, and please post new information.  



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